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Fresh & Local Music:

J.Nolan - Ke Turner - Greg Lo - Gumbo Soul Music - Rex Novi - Phil J Beats

J.Nolan: One of Atlanta's revered lyricists, most known for his emphatic wordplay and soulful production to match. He's had songs licensed by major productions such as BET News, the "Doe or Die" mini-doc about Brooklyn rapper AZ, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, UFC PPV, DJ Jazzy Jeff's "Vinyl Destination," and more. Nolan is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming LP, Rise of ATLantis.

Ke Turner: Lyricist & Songwriter from Virginia Beach, VA. True school artist that can go bar-for-bar with anyone, create beautiful melodies, and garner genuine attention from her talent without having to emphasize her appearance. Her current single "Over It" has received praise from Neo Soul icon Angie Stone and Hip-Hop pioneer MC Sha-Rock. 

Gumbo Soul Music: "Gumbo Soul" is a place where spoken word, art, music, community, spirit, and many forms of positive creative expressions can come together and be revealed and showcased in one place. Born and raised in Toledo, OH he began his journey in music as a drummer in the church and eventually traded in his drum set for an old set of Technic 1200's after seeing DJ Rob Swift of The Executioners live. Shortly after relocating to Atlanta he started the Gumbo Soul Music company where he provides DJ'ing services for events, radio stations, shows and more. Most recently heard on WREK 91.1FM Atlanta with the Wrecking Crew All-Stars, SiriusXM's Shade45, and is the resident DJ for the Controllerise Vibe Sessions held every Tuesday at Spice House Cascade.

Greg Lo is from West Palm Beach, FL but an adopted ATLien after staying in the city for many years. His influences include 2pac, Ice Cube, Curren$y, Kanye West, Bob Marley, and more. He's one of the founding members of the Fresh & Local movement and served as Producer and Co-Host for the Fresh & Local Radio podcast from 2014-2016. Greg is also a licensed audio engineer from the Art Institute of Atlanta.