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UnitedMasters - Artist Tool Turning Social Media Interaction into Monetization Campaigns

Music business pioneer and advertising mastermind Steve Stoute recently announced his latest venture, UnitedMasters, which is an artist platform that will assess your social media engagement (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, and YouTube as of now) and help you come up with the best plan of action to better reach your audience. The program will get artists' music on iTunes, Spotify, etc (similar to outlets such as TuneCore, DistroKid, CD Baby, ONErpm, and others) and open up the analytics so that you can personally see who's playing your music, how many times they've played it, and eventually they will find ways expand your overall brand. UnitedMasters has already raised $70 million in venture capital from Alphabet (the parent company for Google) and venture firm Andreesen Horowitz. We've seen a similar push from Ryan Leslie with his Superphone app, but we haven't heard much information about its growth.

As the music industry continues to shift and there seems to be less money filtering down to the artists, initiatives like UnitedMasters are in great position to engage artists that have entrepreneurial spirits and are confident enough to bypass chasing traditional major record deals. The video above touches on the growth component of an artist one day having their own brand of Ramen noodles and hosting their own shows in the worlds of cooking, fashion, and more which isn't too far fetched if you've been paying attention to YouTube or even the diversity of your favorite musician's merchandise lineup in recent years.

The UnitedMasters site is still very early in its development, as we've already signed up and started fishing around to see what's in store. Soon they will have Spotify on board to integrate artist analytics from there into the system which should serve as a big help to those that are currently pushing their music through streaming services. In the case of UnitedMasters, it certainly seems to be more of a marathon than a sprint, so definitely stay tuned for more updates about the platform and feel free to explore for yourself at

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