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Tips from God is Dope: Create Your Own Platform

We've posted about the God is Dope brand before, when they posted the first episode of their God Made series via YouTube. It should go without saying that they serve as a great source of inspiration because they started from the ground up and have created a lane that's continuing to grow from just a local t-shirt to having global representation and sustainable success within the Atlanta market. 

With this second episode of God Made, they tackle the task of creating your own platform, which is essentially what all of us as young entrepreneurs, creatives, musicians, or anyone trying to capitalize on their skills as individuals must do. In one scene, their CEO is talking to a couple upcoming artists about hitting the streets with their music and is quoted saying 'don't wait on nobody.' 

Fresh & Local can relate to this sentiment because in our own experience, good things have only happened when we got off the couch and applied ourselves to the work. Whether it was for performances, pitching in collectively towards our first run of shirts to take out of town, or even putting together the original Fresh & Local Picnic - it all came back to the fact that we seized the opportunity out of necessity. We can only hope that more people in the beginning stages of their craft latch onto this philosophy sooner than later in order to avoid the harsh realities that NO ONE else will care about your work, if you don't care enough to start on your own. Words to live by in this business.

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  • This was absolutely phenomenal & inspirational. I LOVE IT.

    • @__ashera
  • Great post! Enjoyed it from beginning to end.

    • Urban Urbane Co