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The Songwriter's Social Club is Coming Back on Aug. 29th!

It's been almost a year since our last Songwriter's Social Club and we're proud to announce that we will be live and kicking very soon. Slated for Saturday, August 29th we will be carrying on this year's theme of digital events via YouTube Live, Facebook, and Twitch. Hosted by J Nolan, we've got an extremely diverse workshop planned for you all.

The main objective of the day will be going in depth about the full experience of being an artist in 2020. The discussion will begin with the basics such as having an EPK, bio, and/or press release to represent your story. Shortly afterwards we will get into the process of setting up your PRO (Performance Rights Organization | BMI, ASCAP, SESAC), SoundExchange, Songtrust, etc in order to set up all of the necessary channels to start collecting the proper royalties from your music. We will discuss the difference between each royalty type, why they're important, and some of the top distribution options for independent artists.

Our Guests
Led by platinum recording engineer and host of Rebel Ears podcast, Rai Moore,  will be a studio etiquette segment that will teach artists some best practices when it comes to being in the studio. This will touch on maximizing your time during sessions, how to get into music production and engineering, and the importance of being professional in such a setting. 

Derrick Mayes runs Mayes Marketing Agency, helping small businesses & independent artists build content and receive media coverage. We will have a discussion about the importance of PR, how artists have to be creative with their approach to marketing their music, and how the right campaign can yield financial results.

The last part of our upcoming Songwriter's Social Club workshop will be dealing in radio play with Ethan "Mr. Music" Horace from MNTC Radio, Gamerized Music - a new social platform connecting musicians with game streamers, and the world of sync licensing (allowing companies to use your music in TV, film, video games, advertisements, for a fee) with Ty Frankel from Shut Down Media. This will be an amazing workshop and we sincerely hope that you'll log off with some new ideas to put toward your strategy. Make sure you're tuned in on August 29th at 4pm EST.

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