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Stevie Crooks Goes Hard in New Video - This Feels Right.

Stevie Crooks has been doing his thing for years on the West Coast and has dropped numerous projects that received critical acclaim by some of the top media outlets since we first found out about him around 2011. That same year he released his seminal project VLNS NVR DIE which was lyrically top notch with a mixture of 90s rap sensibilities and lush production that Rick Ross is probably still trying to find for his next album.

Since that time, Crooks has been very focused on live shows and creating an everlasting aesthetic that will take him from an underground favorite to becoming one of the next crop of emcees to strike it big, for the right reasons. 

On his new single "This Feels Right," Crooks opens the song saying "too much branding, not enough rapping/ not enough style, no sense of fashion/ that is not swagging. that's just bragging/ that's another wack album, stop giving us those" and then continues to float on the track calling out everything that's taking up extra space in the game. The record is from his forthcoming Redemption EP and it feels like Stevie Crooks is poised to make some major waves in the very near future. 

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