Riding the Waves w/ DJ Euts [Interview]

Over the past few years, the city of Atlanta has been proving itself as a breeding ground for a wide array of upcoming talent and genre bending artists making their marks in the industry, especially on an independent level. In the process, many of us can get lost in the sauce keeping up with the rappers and singers, managing to somehow overlook the importance of the DJ's from events & radio, down to their own live performances. We had the opportunity to sit down with DJ Euts, one of the city's most active young DJs to discuss her musical palette, goals, and what makes her 'The Dopest Selecta.'

 DJ Euts, thank you for sitting down with the Fresh & Local team. Can you let us know where you're from and what inspired you to become a DJ? Thanks for having me! I'm from PG County Maryland. My love for music inspired me to DJ and the ability to create a certain atmosphere through mixing the right songs. 

You're one of the most humble people we've come across in the Atlanta scene, but low key one of the most booked young DJ's in the city; what's your formula to staying active? My formula for staying active is consistently networking with promoters and other curators. Also staying motivated and creating my own opportunities when things get dry. 

Do you have a certain style of music that you gravitate towards the most? And if so, does your personal taste ever conflict with any of your gigs? I gravitate to House music, Jersey club, and remixes. Sometimes my music choices conflict if I have a gig where there's non open-minded people. 

You were just a special guest on Hometeam Radio for Keeping it Phunky with Rod Phunky, how did you enjoy that radio experience? 
I believe Keeping it Phunky was my first radio interview and I loved it, probably because I plan on doing my own podcast in the future.

Outside of DJ'ing, do you have any other talents or passions? 
My other talents include writing songs, rapping, and painting. I specifically enjoy painting with acrylic.

Being that you have so many things going on right now, what are some of your short term and long term goals as a DJ? 
My short-term goals is to DJ at an event or venue weekly. I would like to DJ at some of the local events here in Atlanta like R&B Only, the Groove, and other events. Long term goals include performing at a big festival and consistently DJ'ing all over the world. 

Would you mind telling us about any events you have coming up and where can our viewers connect with you?
I do second Friday Art walks at Habanos Lounge and an event I've created called Waves (at Bakaris Lounge every Tuesday). Follow my social media pages for more details. Once again, thanks for having me! This was a pleasure. 

Get in touch with DJ Euts on her social media handles and events:  IG - @TriaTriaxDJEuts & Facebook.com/DJEuts

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