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respect the artist.

respect the artist.
You can't tell a genius how to express themselves, you can only appreciate the craft.

Fresh & Local was created in the Art Institute of Atlanta's recording studio back in 2013. Since that time we've evolved so much. From being early adopters of podcasting, launching a short-lived open mic, holding a yearly picnic that morphed into Fresh & Local Fest, creating the Songwriter's Social Club, and so much more - our focus has ALWAYS been on the independent artist.
Regardless of the creative avenue or level of expertise, we've worked so hard to create ego-free environments that embrace everyone at their core. We're proud to announce our latest campaign, respect the artist, which is an ode to the people that keep us going from day to day. Your content is what keeps this site alive. We love you and we hope that the artistic community will support us the same way that we've done for y'all these past 6 years. Thanks for the motivation!
*clicking any of the photos will take you to the page to purchase items from the respect the artist catalog*

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