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R&B Songstress, Jori, Returns to Form | "Foolish"

Jori is an Atlanta bred R&B artist that accomplished a lot before many of today's artists were probably discovering their love for music. She's worked with Grammy award winner Anthony Dent, J. Valentine, Tank, Cainon Lamb (produced for the likes of Keyshia Cole, Jazmine Sullivan, Monica, Alicia Keys, and Beyonce), and we'd imagine many other collaborators that just haven't been mentioned for public consumption. 

Over the years, we've seen Jori build an impressive following on YouTube and other social media platforms with a great deal of popular covers, but we're especially happy that she's releasing her own music again. With her new single and music video "Foolish," Jori deals with her insecurities and contemplates the possibility of being just as foolish as she's thought herself to be in her darkest moments. Many women and people in general can relate to this sentiment when it comes to toxic relationships that only pull you down rather than elevate your spirit, but somehow they're always the hardest to break away from. 

Being that we're excited to share new music from Jori, make sure to check out her previous release "Morning" as well. You can follow her on IG @lovejori.

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