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Prince Wiser with a Double Feature: "Blank CD's" and "Attack in a Jeep"

The Bronx, NY native Prince Wiser just came through with 2 new singles for the people! If you were tuned into Fresh & Local Fest: Digital then you definitely should remember Prince Wiser from his performance on our live stream where he actually gave us an exclusive performance of the song "Blank CD's." We've been highly anticipating it ever since then and he's also been giving us a heavy dosage of previews for the other single he also released called "Attack in a Jeep" featuring Marquis. These records are not available on streaming platforms so either you can watch the "Blank CD's" video above or you can visit and pay the fare to download these tracks the same way we did. As the music industry continues to evolve and proves to be placing the emphasis on artists' voices and platforms more than music and sales, the best way to support an independent artist is to BUY THEIR MUSIC. So be sure to support the man. Love.

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