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Prince Wiser - No Sound in The Jungle EP

For those that don't know, Prince Wiser is one of the shining lights currently blossoming out of the NYC independent scene and we're eager to see him take off tremendously this year. Formerly known as Noah Vinson, the Bronx-bred lyricist has been rebranding himself and growing for at least the last 2 years. We're just excited to see the hard work paying off.

With that being said, Prince Wiser just blessed us with a new EP titled "No Sound in The Jungle," which feels like an appetizer of what's to come. The project consists of 3 songs that each have their own distinctive sound, but the consistent variable is that Prince Wiser is HUNGRY right now. Light on catchy hooks or pandering to the palette of what's currently hot, the project carries a dark sonic tone that basically lets you know that he's taking us to the trenches to get some things off his chest. Each line on the EP hones in on the fact that he wants his respect, a solidified spot in the game, and he's gunning for all of our favorites on the way there.

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