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New Music and Video from Bishop Nehru - Rooftops

So-called "underground Hip-Hop" fans probably remember Bishop Nehru from 2013 when he released his debut project Nehruvia at the age of 16, helping to serve as one of the revivalists of NY rap and being part of the Beast Coast Movement. Since then, he's released 4 more projects and has collaborated heavily with his mentor MF DOOM. Now with his forthcoming project "Elevators: Act I & II" on the way, Bishop has just liberated his latest music video "Rooftops." 

The song itself is very jazzy, definitely reminiscent of the type of beats you'd hear on the Metal Fingers "Special Herbs" box set and Bishop Nehru decided to float on the beat with an array of dense metaphors and similes, just flexing his lyrical muscle. The young artist is now 21 and navigating his way through the music industry and many of his fans are waiting to see if he'll blow up and attain more mainstream type of support, but we're not sure if that's really his goals in music. It seems that he takes a more artistic approach, especially looking at the intense color detail and imagery shown in the "Rooftops" video. We're certainly looking forward to the forthcoming project; be sure to stay tuned for more details as they come. Follow Bishop Nehru on his various social media handles as well.

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