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Monique Asks Fans to Boycott Netflix for Gender & Color Bias


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Everyone should be pretty familiar with the fact that Fresh & Local ATL is not a place for gossip or trendy pop-culture news, but being that we're all about empowering young entertainers and emerging business people, we feel it's important to at least address the fact that comedian Mo'nique is asking her fans to boycott Netflix. In a recently released video (seen above), she says that the executives at Netflix offered her a $500,000 deal to release a new comedy special through their platform. She compared the figures of the offer to other comedians that are partnering with Netflix (Amy Schumer - $13 million, Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock - $20 million).

When Mo'nique asked the executives why there was such a striking difference in the offer, given her resume, they allegedly said they're not going off of resumes and that they believe her particular special will generate around the margin of the half-million they put on the table. 

Let's just call out the obvious: Netflix is definitely lying if they're claiming not to be going off of their resumes. It's not hard to see that there may be a different level of demand in the comedy community when it comes to the ongoing and recent success of Amy Schumer and the likes of Dave Chappelle & Chris Rock as well. They've all been pretty active since shifting into the social media era and in the cases of Chappelle and Rock - they're consistently in demand by their large core of fans.

We're not here to downplay Mo'nique though and can certainly understand her frustrations if she feels as though she's being low-balled by one of the most lucrative platforms on the scene right now. Let us know your thoughts; do you think this is the result of color and/or gender bias? And furthermore, who will be cancelling their Netflix account in support of the comedy icon?

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