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Meet the Mind Behind Vintage Death Clothing, Jarmel McClary

Written by: Derrick Mayes, Jr.

Created by Jarmel McClary, Vintage Death Clothing is one of Atlantas latest clothing lines that has recently gained some real traction. Starting in 2018, Vintage Death has predominately been making waves in the Atlanta area, but after speaking to the CEO (Jarmel McClary), we learned that Vintage Death has bigger plans than just the Peach state. With hopes to reach world-wide acknowledgment,  Jarmel is constantly looking to add to his brand whether that is making something new for his female supporters or additions like messenger bags for his male supporters.

Jarmel stays on-top of his brand like every CEO should. We asked him questions about why he started Vintage Death, here is what Jarmel had to say: “I started Vintage Death because I’ve always loved fashion and it was a passion of mine to start a clothing brand. I always grew up liking Gucci, Off-White and others.” It’s safe to say Jarmel looks at some of the major lines and draws inspiration but also adds in his own creativity which we admire.


Vintage Death seems to be on the rise with partnerships with clothing lines such as “Born Rich” and “Young Outlaws”, the clothing line was also recently featured in a music video as well (Same Energy By:2MG Knewt Ft. Meko B).


In the future Jarmel plans to take Vintage Death to the next level with plans to be in malls and multiple stores very soon. With a driven CEO behind the brand, we plan to see Vintage Death in multiple places very soon.

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