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On October 13, 2019 Dead End Hip Hop, in partnership with their friends at Patreon, took over Bravo Ocean Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. They invited some of their favorite MCs and friends of the show to come through and lay down verses over some hard-hitting production. The result is a group of songs that we’re super excited to be sharing with you all!

Producers: M Slago, Beezy430, Khoi Kidd, J. Robb & MaliaMaMusic

MCs: J. Nolan (Fresh & Local STAND UP), Damone Tyrell, Aja Kahti, GranddadWoolly, Adán Bean, Yamin Semali, DT, Dillon, Huey Revolution, & Nemo the Zeus

Mixed by 1mixgod at Bravo Ocean Studios

Artwork by Modest Media

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