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Killer Mike, Andrew Young, and Ryan Glover Launch Digital Bank for Black & Latino Communities

Source: TechCrunch


Killer Mike has teamed up with Andrew Young (former Atlanta mayor and Civil Rights leader) and Ryan Glover (founder of Bounce TV) to launch Greenwood, a new digital bank geared toward entrepreneurs and small businesses within the African American and Latinx communities. The bank's name is an homage to the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma better known as Black Wall Street.

 For every signup, the bank will donate the equivalent of 5 free meals to an organization addressing food insecurity and every time a customer uses their debit card the company will make a donation to either the United Negro College Fund, Goodr (an organization addressing food insecurity), or the NAACP. 

Greenwood will also be providing monthly grants of $10,000 to a Black or Latinx small business owner that uses the company's financial services. Killer Mike stated, "“What I have learned about capitalism is that you’re either going to be a participant in it or a victim of it. The ultimate protest is focusing your dollar like a weapon.” For more information about Greenwood, visit You can also go to TechCrunch to get their full feature story.

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