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Jonathan Stewart Turns Heads With NEW Explosive Track ‘Rattatattattattat’”


By: Derrick P. Mayes Jr. 


Coming from the Westside of Chicago, IL Jonathan Stewart recently released one of the most head turning tracks of 2020 (“Rattatattattatta”). Delivering gut-wrenching bars over an impulsive classic Hip-Hop beat, the CEO of Billionaire Minds Build Brands Records definitely let everyone know he is not only here to stay but also to educate.

Jonathan’s track (Rat-tat) is 100% ether; through his explosive bars, Jonathan covers everything from the stock market to police brutality. On the heels of the unlawful killing of Brother George Floyd, Jonathan felt it was time for him to speak on the matter. He had this to say when asked the true meaning behind Rat-tat,  “Originally, Rat-tat was written with intentions on the record simply being a reflection of my current thoughts on the state of the world. That’s why the first bar is ‘I'm the hood's answer to Trump, the reason why the system is crashing’. I wrote that in February because I actually watch the stock market.”


Jonathan Stewart has been a dark force in the rap game for some time now 


Jonathan has a rap career stretching back 10 years. Being with longtime DJ, DJ First Class, Jonathan Stewart has delivered project after project starting from the DJ Infamous mixtape titled “Care Package” to a 50-pack surprise drop “Via Drop Box.” Jonathan has stayed relevant for a decade but if you were to ask him, he would say he is just getting started. Tracks like “Envy like Charlemagne” and “Rat-tat” displays Jonathan’s experience in the game and shows just how advanced his bars and punch lines are. Jonathan moves on a different frequency when it comes to the rap game, stating “I want to make myself clear, I’m not here to be liked. I am here to restructure for the benefit of my people. That could be the business, that could be the game and restructuring of the content we deem worth discussing.” The way Jonathan moves is very prevalent in the bars of “Rat-tat” with lines such as “The consensus on your favorite rappers they slaves that blinded. Word to the highest, never look in the eyes of a lion” soon followed later with  “We need proper tactics or else we’re still shooting at the basement.”  Jonathan’s point of view is definitely needed in today’s society especially for the issues we are currently facing. 

Billionaire Minds Build Brands 

Outside of his well experienced rap career, Jonathan Steward founded Billionaire Minds Build Brands Records, LLC with Charles Lomack in the year of 2013 as an independent rap label. With noticeable signees being DJ First Class and Juan Haze, Jonathan also has a label arsenal loaded with surprise act Devlin Tellis and beat innovator Jay Jilla. All artists have album releases approaching including Jonathan’s EP Heir to the Throne.  “Rat-Tat” sets the tone for the rest of the treacherous line up. 


We hope to see more of Jonathan Stewart and the Billionaire Minds Build Brands artist.

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