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J.Nolan Releases Music Video for New Song - Welcome

Those that have been following the Fresh & Local movement should know that we've been dropping little nuggets of information about J.Nolan's forthcoming project "Rise of ATLantis" for quite some time. After a solid 2 years of creating, performing anywhere with a stage and a mic (many places missing one or the other), and local radio interviews, we're finally gearing up to release it to the world. The latest installment comes in the form of "Welcome" which is a song that documents J.Nolan's upbringing in the city of Atlanta and gives details on some of the critical moments that made him who he is today. This video was directed by fellow Fresh & Local member Rex Novi and the song itself is produced by Tone Jonez. Rise of ATLantis will officially be available across all streaming platforms on May 18th. Those of you that are native to the city of Atlanta, come out and party with us on May 17th at Soul Village (Moods Music) for the official album release event featuring live performances by Ke Turner & Greg Lo alongside DJ Hurrikane Diego on the 1's and 2's! 

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