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J.Nolan & Ke Turner Collaborate on "Heart Singing"

The first official collaboration between Fresh & Local's J.Nolan and Ke Turner comes in the form of "Heart Singing," a very heartfelt song that delves into Nolan's upbringing and some of today's trends that spark curiosity such as the fascination with cough syrup/lean, social media activism to boost perception, and the notion that some might be selling their 'souls' to be accepted in the hierarchy of the fashion world.
To ease the weight of these topics, Ke Turner shows up on the hook and delivers a solid performance of her own. Many may not know that Ke can really sing, but this track highlights her vocal abilities rather than the lyrical prowess fans have come to love. More is on the way from all members of the Fresh & Local team, you can expect a barrage of collaborations soon. Stay tuned for J.Nolan's 'Rise of ATLantis' which will be released sooner than later!

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