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(H)afrocentric: Comic About Afrocentric Struggles in Eurocentric Society

(H)afrocentric is the comic brainchild of Juliana 'Jewels' Smith with assistance from artist Ronald Nelson and color guy Mike Hampton. The comic is based around 4 main characters all attending undergrad at 'Ronald Reagan Univerity' with Naima Pepper being the outspoken Black radical feminist among the group, also the driving force of the storyline.
The other 3 characters are Miles Pepper (Naima's brother), El Ramirez, and Renee Aanjay Brown. Each person represents a political archetype - Miles being a musician with no strong convictions, El Ramirez serving as the Chicano nationalist, and Renee Aanjay Brown holding strong views in terms of sexuality and gender politics while overlooking race.                                                          
They've released 4 volumes of the (H)afrocentric series and they also do weekly comic strips in the form of Sunday funny's. You can preview all their content at and those that are located in the Atlanta area can physically purchase copies of the series at Charis Books & More. 

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