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Fresh & Local Presents: "Vibes & Stuff" Day Party (8/10)

Vibes & Stuff is a new midday experience presented by Fresh & Local ATL (RSVP now on Eventbrite). Taking place at The Yoruba House in Stone Mountain, GA we're aiming to bridge the gap between all of our favorite things: Live Music, Food, Art, and Video Games. The goal is to create an environment where all of our friends and supporters can be themselves all under one roof. The name is inspired by a song from A Tribe Called Quest - the iconic Hip-Hop group that helped pass along amazing vibes while being unapologetically black throughout their career. We sincerely hope to carry on that tradition in our own way. Join us as we continue to spread the movement!

This is a free event, however we are accepting donations that will help us keep providing high quality events and resources for the creative community in Atlanta and beyond. No pledge is too small, we greatly appreciate any and all financial contributions!

We are currently accepting vendor applications via the form below. Small businesses that may want to set up with food & beverage, clothing brands, or any type of company are welcome to submit. If chosen, there will be a $40 fee. All profits earned are 100% yours to keep. Please bring tables and chairs according to your needs. Any artists (performers/visual arts) that may want to come out and showcase, please send us an email at We're looking forward to connecting with you all. Much love and respect!

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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    • onvwsadiqz