Fresh & Local Fest '19 (Recap)

The 3rd official Fresh & Local Fest took place on June 9th and it was nothing short of amazing! First and foremost, we're so thankful to have enough longevity to be here. The festival concept was a distant dream back when we first started this platform and things don't seem to be slowing down any time soon. We'd like to take a moment to thank all the artists, DJ's, managers, vendors, and attendees for being so gracious with us and believing in our vision for this event. Another major thank you to the OYL Creative Compound and Studio for opening their doors to our annual event for the first time.

Leading up to June 9th there was an usual air of hype in the air due to the advent of Wyclef Jean taking some time out of his busy schedule to tweet about F&L Fest and the appearance of his Heads Music counterparts Jazzy Amra and Riley. They're two extremely talented artists based out of NYC and it was definitely an honor to have booked them for this year, but unfortunately their flights got delayed by the rain in Atlanta. In addition to them having to pull out, DK and Barclay also had to handle more important matters.

Despite the lineup changes, we had a crazy roster of artists consisting of King Jai, Sonya Williams, Squalle and Alan Z, Eli (shouts to Canari Management for the love and snapping so many photos of Eli with our team and the other artists) Hickman L.A., Saya Dev, Armani Swayze, Hendricks, Bastard Hootie, Seline Haze (performance video below), Shon Weathers, James Hope, The YOD, BGee, ItsChief, and Cecili. Each performer brought their own unique energy to the stage and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of our interactive community that we've been building up these past few years. The DJ Team curated their own squad of DJ's that kept the party live all day - salute to K-Boogie, DJ Redhanded, DJ B.O.D., Pritty Swif, and DJ Coco for holding it down for us!

Words can't definitively show how much appreciation we have for everyone that participated. Our vendors were a great addition to the event as well, so much love to Chef Mo (she always holds it down on the grill at Fresh & Local Fest), Aaliyah's Lemonade (her 2nd time with us), Amuse Distribution, Volumes Hip Hop, Taters 4 Art, Royalty Treatment, Skhigh Treats, For Your Self Care, Trillionaire. Art, and Weirdoville for providing excellent customer service to our guests! We can't wait to pivot into our next couple of events to round out the year and we sincerely hope to see more of you guys in the flesh. Check out our photos from the event below, peace!

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