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Feeling Burned Out in Your Local Music Scene: Small Crowds Matter

As an artist or anyone in a non-guaranteed career path, it's inevitable that you will feel burned out in your pursuits. Even once you become successful in your field, eventually you'll feel overwhelmed or tired with redundant cycles you go through. Specifically as an upcoming artist, though, performing at the same 3 or 4 venues for the same groups of people every week is a process that can get old pretty fast. In our latest episode of the Small Crowds Matter podcast, we directly address this subject and lay out some recommendations on how to deal with it. Shout out to the artist DK for submitting questions for this new episode. 

Some of the main points within the episode are to evaluate your place in the local scene for checks and balances. This consists of fanbase statistics, ticket sales, etc. to determine your value in the market. This will also help you to branch out to the music communities in other cities so that you can become more mobile with your music and create a fair fee for your performances. This new episode also addresses how you can still earn money from free shows through your PRO and more. Stay tuned for more updates from the Fresh & Local team and be sure to support our merch on the site. Those of you that listen to the podcast, read this blog, and come to our events are all considered family. Represent us the same way we represent you! And if you have any music business questions, feel free to comment or hit us on social media so we can incorporate them into future episodes! Peace. 

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