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Berklee Online Offering a Free Music Business Digital Handbook

As many of you know, one of the focal points of Fresh & Local is music business education. We’re very strong advocates for the independent music community and have dedicated most of our time and energy in this area. As advancements are made in the industry, we do our best to stay current and today we’d like to salute Berklee Online (a division of Berklee College of Music) for publishing a free digital handbook for artists to learn some introductory info about the music business.
Available here, the handbook gives basic information about building a media pack (including artist bio, press release, links to artist content, and more), proper etiquette for reaching out to journalists, crafting social media content to engage audiences on multiple platforms, the development of modern revenue streams, and much more. It provides an overview of current deal structures, examples of successful approaches to grow as a business, and ways to analyze modern data in the music industry. We won’t endorse this book as a quick fix to stardom or a replacement for due diligence in this complex business of music, but it does serve as a great FREE resource for anyone that is aiming to take their music career seriously. Take advantage of it while you can!

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