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AYAM Opens Up About the Creation of Her New Music Video “Shake”

Written by Derrick Mayes Jr.

Florida artist, AYAM, just released the highly anticipated video for her latest single "Shake." With a soulful voice and creative mindset, AYAM shows off her artistic, live single ability along with her wonderful charisma. AYAM has this to say about the experience…

"Creating the Shake video was an awesome experience, but it was different for me. Before that video I hadn’t done a video that involved more than one person or more than one location. I was able to connect and work with different people with beautiful and such creative minds.”

We have to agree with AYAM here, being with creative minds definitely makes the process easier. “Shake” is an extremely close song to AYAM’s heart it is actually the first song she wrote, which makes this video even more special. With the creative presence being so strong throughout the video, I wanted to ask AYAM what exactly was her motivation for the creation of the “Shake” video.

“I came up with idea of “Shake.” Ideas were definitely bounced around the room. I even was considering a beach scene with other dancers but as time got close to my self-implemented deadline, I decided to save that idea for a different song. Plus, “Shake” is such a moody and heartfelt song, I wanted to make sure the video matched.”

AYAM executed her vision wonderfully as the video represented every aspect of her song “Shake”. AYAM looks to bring a great creative mindset to the table alongside her amazing talent. With the year closing out we wanted to see what AYAM had instore for us in the near future and what she has planned for 2021.

"The Endure Remix & Video (first time this information will be released publicly) with the rising rap artist from Nashville, Tennessee Ron Obasi (a part of Third Eye & Co). Endure was original released in July 2019. I am Coming in 2021 with a few NEW singles and looking to push an EP in March.”

We look forward to hearing more from the Florida artist. Don’t forget to check out AYAM’s new video “Shake” here!

Contact AYAM

Twitter: AYAMxoMusic 
Instagram: AYAmxomusic

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