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Amine is One of the Top Artists to Watch in 2020

It's hard to believe that the same artist from Portland that dropped "Caroline" in 2016 would 1) still be here today and 2) be one of the brightest lights in 2020's overcrowded market for music. In the past 2 years alone, he's been consistently dropping EP's and his stellar visuals have been consistent ever since he first came on the scene. Watching him rise to this prominence has been a treat to witness. 

His quirky production adds to the charm of his rhymes packed with dry humor and oddly catchy melodies. That winning formula stands front and center on his new album "Limbo," but what really takes the cake is when Amine gets into his bag as an emcee. The album's intro "Burden" takes us back to a time when Hip-Hop artists were hitting up their producers looking for the best soul sample chops. He keeps that same energy on track 4 "Roots" featuring Charlie Wilson and J.I.D. A few months back, Amine gave a preview of what to expect with "Shimmy" sampling ODB on the hook. If he keeps his foot on the gas with this style while still appealing to broader crowds with songs like "Compensating" featuring Young Thug, it's tough find another artist from today's generation that successfully play to all demographics.

Another standout from this project is "Easy" featuring Summer Walker where they came through with a soulful duet that we never knew we needed! There's really no low point on the album. We strongly recommend this body of work to music lovers. Enjoy this and make sure you give the Fresh & Local team some love for putting you up on game!

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