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A Conversation with Breana Marin: CEO of Love Pulse Music

Breana Marin is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter that exemplifies the principles of when talent, preparation, and opportunity meet. She's successfully created her own lane by harnessing her natural singing abilities and merging that with a solid understanding of business to fill a void in the market that most never knew existed. If you've ever taken the time out to browse YouTube for "type beats with a hook," chances are you've probably heard Breana's voice at least once or twice during the process. She is one of the top performing vocalist/songwriters on the Beatstars platform where her hooks have brought in over 6 figures in sales and collectively racked up millions of views on YouTube.
Connecting with popular internet producers like Dreamlife Beats and Mantra to provide sultry vocals and heartfelt lyrics for artists looking for the perfect vibe opened doors that the traditional music industry would've taken years to recognize. More opportunities arose as other producers heard her work which has allowed her to create a fully staffed company called Love Pulse Music that empowers other artists, songwriters, and producers to duplicate that success. Her YouTube tutorial videos also give direct access to her songwriting process and the equipment she uses to record from home. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Breana to talk about her journey in the music business, writing for top selling acts (Brandy, Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole, LeToya Luckett, and more), and how other aspiring artists can amplify their voices too.

Where are you from and how did you get into writing music? 
Las Vegas! I was never not into it (laughs). It was always something I gravitated towards. Loved musical movies, watching music videos, and live shows since the beginning of time. 

You’re a very accomplished songwriter - how did you get in the rooms to write for artists like Fifth Harmony, LeToya Luckett, Keyshia Cole, and others? 
It wasn’t easy. Opportunities like that didn’t start opening up for me until I moved to LA, went to Musicians Institute, and started to build relationships with people in the music industry. I ended up interning for a successful songwriter, was able to be a fly on the wall in some amazing recording sessions, and from there I never looked back.

At what point did you create Love Pulse Music, and can you please explain the mission of your company?
Love Pulse is something I’ve wanted to create for a long time but never knew what to truly do with it. I started to find success on the Beatstars platform and started sharing opportunities with my songwriting peers. Eventually, I wanted to expand and find talented people outside of my network. Now our team of about 13 songwriters and producers have gotten major tv placements, released kits with platforms like Sounds, and developed a sense of community amongst each other. 

You’ve got a very impressive roster of songwriters and producers under the Love Pulse Music umbrella. How were you able to connect with so many other creatives and bring them together as part of your collective?
Thank you! Some people found us and reached out on their own and others are producers or writers that have been referred to us or I personally came across and reached out to. 

We first came into contact with your work on YouTube through your hooks on tracks by Dreamlife Beats and were completely blown away at the fact that they really had industry quality hooks on their beats at affordable rates. How did you initially build that relationship with Dreamlife Beats and other producers via YouTube and Beatstars?
Abe Batshon, the CEO of Beatstars, connected me with Dreamlife. He does an amazing job connecting creators and matching the right sound with the right voices. After I started releasing with producers like Dreamlife and Mantra, other people started to find me. It was life-changing for me. I’d also release hooks with producers I had been working with on my own.

This past year has presented many challenges to small businesses and entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, including musicians. What are some of the tactics you’ve used to keep your business flowing amidst a global pandemic?
Luckily most of my work is online based so I’m definitely blessed to have been in this position. There are so many different avenues for musicians to make money online whether it be from streaming (music), hosting live events, coaching/ teaching, or selling a product (ebooks, courses, etc).

The Fresh & Local brand is built on informing the creative community about the music business and showcasing alternative methods to break into the industry. Do you have any suggestions for the artists, songwriters, or producers that may be having a hard time gaining recognition via social media and don’t have a lot of industry connections in their corner?
Reevaluate your content. Figure out who your audience is and give them something they need (solve a problem). Utilize the relationships you already have. A lot of people look outside of their community instead of embracing their own and growing together. If all else fails, make incredible content and ADVERTISE.

You’ve got history as an artist, songwriter, and you now have a full team to maintain on the business end. How do you prioritize what’s most important at any given time, and how did you learn to balance all of these different hats that you wear while still making sure your cup is full on a personal level?
I think the biggest challenge I’ve had with time management and maintaining balance was trying to do everything by myself. In the last year or so my main focus has been to hire help and lean on the people who are willing to give a helping hand. Sharing the workload has been a gamechanger and allows me the extra time to work on music and other projects that bring me joy. Also consistently adding my plans and tasks to a calendar has boosted my productivity. I try to keep Sundays and Mondays for myself. In the mornings I do yoga, go for walks, and practice Gratitude.

What are some of your plans for 2021?
Release, release, release! My number one goal is to release more music and content for YouTube. I also want myself and the Love Pulse team to continue to take strides towards dominating TV/ Film and the sound kit arena!

For more information about Breana Marin, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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